Get 1 Free Month of Virtuoso Music with Beatport Streaming

Subscribe to Beatport Streaming and get one month of Virtuoso music classes free.

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Mar 29, 2023
James Harbrecht

Beatport has teamed up with Virtuoso music classes, one of the leading sites for classes on DJing and music production, to offer one month of full access to all their classes absolutely free. You can pick up tips and tricks from huge artists like Carl Cox, Sherelle, Archie Hamilton, Harriet Jaxxon, Skream, and many more.

All you have to do is start your free trial of Beatport Streaming over the next three weeks and make sure to signup to our emails to receive the coupon code. Once your subscription starts, we will send you an email with your code to claim your free month at Virtuoso. You have until Sunday, April 16th to redeem your code.

With this fantastic offer, you get access to the full 12 million+ Beatport catalouge, which can easily integrate with your favorite DJ software, plus full access to over 800 classes from some of the biggest names in the music game.

By using Virtuoso, you can learn how DJ superstar Carl Cox made it to the top of the industry, including advice on networking, how to read a crowd, how to really connect with your audience, and how to overcome creative blocks.

In addition, learn from high-flying acts like Sherelle on how to improve your stage presence and use your personality to excite the crowd, how to get your tunes ready and organized in rekordbox, technical mixing tricks, plus how to break through from the underground and why standing for a cause is so important.

Want to know more about Beatport Streaming? Choose one of the 3 plans that most suits you; Essential, Advanced or Professional. Plans start at $9.99 a month, and you get 30 days of access absolutely free. You can cancel or upgrade at any time.

Joining Beatport Streaming means; no more two-minute track previews, re-download your previous purchases as many times as you need and get unlimited access to the full Beatport catalouge of over 12 million tracks. Plus, with our Advanced and Professional plan, you can integrate Beatport Streaming with your favorite DJ software, such as Traktor Pro 3, rekordbox, Serato and many more. With our Professional plan you even have the ability to save up to 1000 tracks in your offline locker, for those times when a WiFi connection isn’t an option.

Find more information about which Streaming plan is right for you here.

About Virtuoso Music: Virtuoso features classes from the world’s best Electronic and Rap Producers, DJs and Songwriters, with over 300+ hours of classes available and new HQ courses added every month. Get access to a music industry network through interactive live sessions, plus collaboration opportunities with the Virtuoso Artists. Learn more here.

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