Rodriguez Jr. Announces "Synthwave Remix Challenge" Winners

In an electrifying showcase of musical talent and diversity, three talented producers have emerged victorious over more than 400 submissions in the “Synthwave Remix Challenge.”

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Oct 27, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

Back in August, Loopcloud, Beatport, and LabelRadar joined forces with French techno icon Rodriguez Jr. to give producers from around the world the opportunity to put their own spin on his stunning track “Synthwave” for a shot at getting their remix released on the artist’s freshly minted label, Feathers & Bones.

The track in question is taken off his latest album of the same name, Feather & Bones — a 10-track opus with Rodriguez Jr.’s signature pristine synth work defining each track.

Despite having initially pledged to select a single winner to release on his label from the challenge’s remix submissions, the French techno stalwart was so impressed with their level of quality that he’s decided to release three of them instead via an official remix EP on Feather & Bones.

“We’ve been astonished by the quality of the 400 submissions we received for the remix contest,” Rodriguez Jr. tells Beatport. “There are so many great upcoming producers out there. I finally decided to release three tracks instead of one because I wanted to showcase the diversity of those remixes. It’s also a statement: three different interpretations, angles, cultures… and one same passion.”

Meet the artists and check out their winning remix submission below!

OIO Beatport


This emerging artist from America is the happy winner of the contest. His remix of “Synthwave” is a sonic masterpiece that features meticulously crafted sound design. Melodic elements of the track are interwoven with expansive, somber synths, creating a captivating, melancholic composition. The drum elements are almost absent during the break, creating an atmospheric void before the listener is surprised by huge growling synths and trance elements after the drop.

Find more from OIO on Beatport and Instagram.



Imaad Lagardien, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is a versatile producer who specializes in high-energy, bass-heavy house tracks. His remix takes the listener on a melancholic musical odyssey driven by crisp afro house percussion that constantly propels the track forward through warm synths and captivating atmospheres.

Find more from Imaad Lagardien on Beatport and Instagram.

Haffenfold Beatport


Haffenfold, masters of duality, explore a journey through contrasting sounds and moments. Their music oscillates between bitter analog techno and mesmerizing progressions, reflecting a clash of tastes. Their remix is driven by a pulsating bass line and an arpeggio that gracefully shifts octaves throughout the track while warm atmospheric sounds gradually rise.

Find more from Haffenfold on Beatport and Instagram.

Rodriguez Jr.’s official Synthwave remix EP is out now via Feather & Bones. Buy it on Beatport.

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