Jayda G Releases Second Solo Album "Guy" via Ninja Tune

Made in tribute to her father, the ever-joyful Jayda G releases her new solo LP today.

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Jun 9, 2023
Ralph Moore

Is it ever not a good time to listen to Jayda G? Today the globe-trotting UK-based DJ and producer releases her second solo album Guy through Ninja Tune and it’s a sweet, soulful and deeply personal experience perhaps best exemplified by the sun-drenched “Heads Or Tails” and “Scars” and the current single release “Meant To Be.” It’s her first new full-length project since her recent DJ Kicks.

While he passed away when Jayda was still relatively young (and not even a teenager), the title “Guy” refers to the name of her late father, William Richard Guy, who has a literal presence on the new album via intimate recordings of his voice. These ecordings were made shortly before he passed away when she was just 10 years old. Given that her father passed when she was still so young, Jayda was getting to know him as an adult in the only way she could: through music. And the new album – released today on all platforms including of course Beatport – aims to capture a snapshot of the American experience, told through the eyes of a young African American man. The new album has been co-produced by singer/songwriter Jack Peñate with contributions from Lisa-Kaindé Diaz (of Ibeyi) and Ed Thomas (Stormzy, Nia Archives). “I wanted the album to be a blend of storytelling, about the African American experience, death, grief, and understanding,” she said. Listen below.

Jayda G’s new album, Guy, is out now via Ninja Tune. Buy it on Beatport.