Hype Label of the Month: UGENIUS

Exemplified by swathes of progressive melody and epic breakdowns, UGENIUS is the Melbourne-based label that’s been making musical moves since 2012.

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Apr 25, 2023
Ralph Moore

UGENIUS is an imprint of distinction and quality, and that’s something the label is super-proud of. In terms of big releases, there are two from the electronic duo MAMI that just can’t be beat. The first is the current double-header The Pleade/Innocence while the second is the 2021 release Lost In Sound, an epic and bold slab of soulful big room business that came out in November 2021. In terms of label statements, these two set the current stall nicely, with pounding drums and vocal samples underpinning those oh-so-percussive dark drums. On the same latter digital release, Ebony Willis remixes the excellent ‘Awaken’ for floors of all shapes and sizes.

Founded by Tom and Jacob (also known as The Journey), UGENIUS was initially set up as a way for the duo to release and promote emerging Australian talent. But the label has grown and grown and while it still hold that same ethos, it’s also released top-tier productions from Bebetta, Tim Engelhardt, Nick Muir (from Bedrock), and Jamie Stevens along the way. The current big MAMI release ‘The Pleade’ literally dropped one month ago and is already picking up support in all the right places, so we hope you too are marked by the touch of UGENIUS soon: Undercatt, Joseph Capriati and Magit Cacoon are all on board already.

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