Hype Label of the Month: Restructured Recordings

Beatport shines a spotlight on one of Canada’s pioneering and most essential techno imprints, Restructured Recordings.

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Oct 25, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

Deep melodic techno with a touch of soul — or “technosoul” — is the hallmark sound and calling card of Toronto’s long-established and widely championed independent label, Restructured Recordings. Founded by Greg Gow — one of Canada’s pioneering and most accomplished electronic music talents — this hardworking imprint has been treating Clubland to its unique and toothsome blend of melodic, slamming, and Detroit-style techno for over two decades (founded in 2001). In recent years, the imprint has become the primary vehicle for Gow’s impressive, informed, and uncompromising output of dance floor gems, but the label also boasts past releases from P-ben, Josh Love, Heron, Samuel L Session, Ian O’Donovan, and many more. A beloved resident at Toronto’s world-famous Vertigo venue and an ambassador of his home turf’s essential electronic music offerings, Greg Gow is an individual who lives and breathes the techno scene, and this commitment shows up in spades on Restructured Recordings’ wonderous discography.

To celebrate this historic imprint’s shining achievements, we caught up with Greg Gow to learn what he believes are some of Restructured Recordings’ most essential tracks, the label’s history, and his plans for its future.

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Listen to the Restructured Recordings ‘Hype Label of the Month’ chart below, or check out the playlist on Beatport.

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