Hype Label of the Month: Riot Records

We spotlight one of the UK’s most high-octane homes for groundbreaking drum & bass, Riot Records — Beatport’s Hype Label of the Month.

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Mar 31, 2023
Beatport Team

Originally from the UK’s West Midlands musical region (which in previous eras was better known for rock and metal), Georgie Riot is something of a juggernaut and a force of nature. This hyper-active, hyper-powered drum ‘n’ bass DJ has been turning heads for a minute, but her label Riot Records has finally hit its stride. A producer and curator as well as a fast-rising DJ, Georgie broke into the scene in 2021 and has been making heavy, seismic waves across the globe ever since.

While best known for her creative double drops, fast pace mixing and energetic live performances, Georgie has been producing all kinds of drum ‘n’ bass since the start of 2021, from melodic and uplifting dance floor to high-impact, energetic jump-up jungle. And that’s where Riot Records comes in, with her own productions and those of her production peers, who include OHKAY, Toddlah, Captain Bass, German producer Feed The Fire and more. And while the label has only been around for a couple of years (the first release was the upper-cutting, jump-up Gouki collaboration – “Street Fighter II”), this is clearly the beginning of a beautiful friendship with further releases in the bank and plenty on the proverbial horizon. Over to Georgie with the overall label ethos: “As an artist I’ve been releasing a lot of dance floor myself, but as many know I play a lot of jump-up in my live sets and I know a lot of fans who come to see me play live have been eagerly waiting for me to drop some heavier music of my own and I’ve been teasing a lot of heavier tracks of my own on social media for some time. So now the time has finally come.”

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