Hype Label of the Month: Invicta Audio

Beatport pays respect to a label that is rapidly becoming one of the drum & bass scene’s biggest and most essential brands, Invicta Audio.

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Aug 23, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

Hailing from Bristol, the rate at which the record label and events company Invicta Audio has embedded itself in the hearts, minds, and eardrums of the global drum & bass scene is simply astonishing. Established in 2020 amid the depths of lockdown by its founder Anton Bailey, this award-winning D&B brand has cemented itself as a trailblazer in giving rise to the genre’s new wave of talented DJs and producers. Some artists they have signed to their label include Anais, Formula, Harley D, Jam Thieves, Magenta, Latte, Burt Cope, Phibes, and many more emerging acts that are making a name for themselves with Invicta Audio’s dedicated assistance.

The unique and wholly memorable showcases the label hosts have landed at some of the UK’s biggest stages, including Printworks, Warehouse Project, Motion, Boomtown, and Rampage Open Air. The label also walked away with the accolade of ‘Best Newcomer Label’ at the 2022 Drum&BassArena Awards.

We caught up with Invicta Audio founder Anton Bailey to learn a little bit more about the imprint’s origins, its high-caliber drum & bass attitude, and some of the label’s most essential tracks. See below.

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Listen to the Invicta Audio ‘Hype Label of the Month chart below, or check out the playlist on Beatport.

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