Hype Label of the Month: Eleatics Records

We celebrate five years of the enterprising Ukrainian imprint Eleatics Records — Beatport’s Hype Label of the Month.

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Jan 31, 2023
Ralph Moore

According to the ethos at the heart of the imprint, Eleatics is the label where the quality is the main mentor and deepness is the key. Founded in Ukraine (in Kyiv) back in 2017 by Aliaksei Kononau (artist name DJ Kon’), this forward-facing label mixes new names with globally recognised talents like Tim Engelhardt and remixer DJ Hell. To date, the biggest release on the label is the eight-minute epic “Pablo” by Kiko and Citizen Kain, with releases from Damon Jee and Undercatt’s ethereal and richly melodic club stomper “All The Little Things” not far behind on the Beatport all-time best-sellers.

This month the label celebrates five years in the business with a new VA called – suitably enough – 5 Years Anniversary. This compilation features 32 tracks and is jam-packed with high-quality productions from the likes of dOP, Rodriquez Jr., The Organism, Massano and Wally Lopez: we particularly like the opening piano-strewn vocal house “Carousel” by dOP, which has been remixed by none other than organic house duo Bedouin. “It’s been a long time since our first release but strong affection for music gave birth to the passion we are still lucky to have a chance and will to lead and follow during such uncertain times. The very best of our releases is compiled into a five years anniversary compilation, while we are busy working on more releases to reveal soon!”

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Listen to the Eleatics Records’ ‘Hype Label of the Month chart below or check out the playlist on Beatport.