Hype Label of the Month: Diffuse Reality

Beatport celebrates ten years of the multifaceted and exploratory Argentine-Spanish music imprint, Diffuse Reality Records.

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Nov 29, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

It was back in 2006 that Rodrigo Garcia (aka Squaric) first started throwing underground raves in clandestine locations around his home city of Buenos Aires. Capitalizing on the magnetic energy and devoted community that these events cultivated, Garcia would eventually open up a record store in his adopted home of Barcelona — Diffuse Reality Records.

Eventually, the store transformed into a highly prolific record label run by a diverse and artistic collective of independent artists. Launched in 2013, the imprint boasts over 800 releases, showcasing a wide variety of genres, touching on everything from techno to electro, IDM, ambient, experimental, trance, acid, EBM, industrial, and more. Currently based in three different cities — Buenos Aries, Barcelona, and Berlin — Diffuse Reality and it’s unmistakably and unabashedly underground takes immense pride in giving newfangled and promising DJ/producers a place to let their music shine. In addition, the label has treated us to dance floor weapons from heavy-hitters likes of Anetha, Sunil Sharpe, Zadig, Alien Rain, AUX 88, Electric Indigo, Eric Cloutier, Detroit’s Filthiest, Orlando Voorn, The Exaltics, and beyond.

Having just celebrated its tenth anniversary, we linked up with the label to learn more about the story behind Diffuse Reality and check out what some of its most essential tracks are.

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Listen to the Diffuse Reality ‘Hype Label of the Month chart below or check out the playlist on Beatport.

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