DJ Heartstring & Narciss Deliver Rave Ready EP, 'Why Can’t We Live Forever?'

The Berlin-based producers come together for four endlessly danceable tracks that remind everyone on the dance floor why they showed up in the first place.

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Oct 27, 2023
Harry Levin

“Why Can’t We Live Forever?”

Despite the morbid reality surrounding the answer to that question, it’s a question many find themselves asking on the dancefloor in the midst of yet another amazing night.

Now, rising dance artists Narciss and DJ Heartstring have come together on a new EP that asks the same question in the title, sharing four, high-flying new tracks that are bound to spark the question from ravers around the world.

Both collaborators on the Why Can’t We Live Forever? EP are on a steady ascent through the ranks of the global dance realm, making their shared creation even more exciting.

DJ Heartstring was crowned a BBCR1 Future Dance Star for 2023, and throughout this year that accolade has proven prescient with gigs at AVA Festival, Thuishaven, Fly Open Air, PollerWeisen, Melt Festival, Rex Club, Fabric and Pitch Festival’s main stage. They also made waves under the banner of the legendary Boiler Room with “Heartbreak Repair System,” the lead single off Why Can’t We Live Forever?

With its white-hot piano and synth work alongside an utterly ravey beat, “Heartbreak Repair System” was a centerpiece of DJ Heartstring’s recent Boiler Room broadcast, which now has over 100,000 views on YouTube and consisted entirely of their own original material.

But Narciss is also key to this uproarious equation. Whether collaborating with Norway’s MRD for the true techno appeal of “Midsommar” or combining uptempo and deep house for his Lobster Theremin EP, Return of the Golden Funk, he’s made clear he know the dancefloor is a place of celebration.

At the end of the day, the dancing is a tried and true “Heartbreak Repair System,” and even after a breakup, these four tracks will have someone asking Why Can’t We Live Forever? Listen to the EP below.

DJ Heartstring and Narciss’ new EP ‘Why Can’t We Live Forever? is out now via Polydor Records. Buy it on Beatport.

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