Anfisa Letyago Reveals New N:S:DA Remix Series featuring DJ Rush, Chris Liebing, & more

Techno star Anfisa Letyago kicks off 2022 with the first pack of three-part remix series featuring DJ Rush, Adiel, Boston 168, Chris Liebing.

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Anfisa Letyago 2022
Jan 10, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Napoli-based techno star Anfisa Letyago is kicking off 2022 with the a four-track remix package for her N:S:DA imprint titled Listen & Nisida (Remixed) Vol. 1.

Anfisa launched the imprint back in early 2021 with her Listen EP, which was followed by the six-track Nisida EP.

For the remix EP, which is the first in a three-part remix package, Anfisa tapped Chicago techno stalwart DJ Rush, who retooled Anfisa’s “Rising Sun.Danza Tribale head honcho Adiel provided a remix of “Orizzonte,” and Tbilisi-based duo Boston 168 provided an edgy rework of “Gravity.” Berlin techno figurehead Chris Liebing also stepped up with histake on “Not There.” Check out the tracks below and what each artist had to say about their remixes.

“It was a pleasure to put my stamp on Anfisa’s release. I felt her vibe and wanted to keep the traditional feel to the song but give it that Rush bump.” — DJ Rush

“It was a lot of fun to remix ‘Orizzonte,” it’s maybe one of my best remixes and I am really happy about it.” — Adiel

“‘Gravity’ is the track that inspired us the most with its deep vocal, so we merged this with our cosmic sound.” — Boston 168

“Remixing ‘Not There’ was a huge pleasure, and the production process was very organic. I tried to take it in a little less melodic direction by just hinting it in the break.” — Chris Liebing

Listen & Nisida (Remixed) Vol. 1 is out now via N:S:DA.

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