Daniel Avery Drops Surprise Seven-Track 'More Truth' EP

A new collection of tunes to complete the collaborative universe established on 2022’s Ultra Truth LP has just arrived from Daniel Avery.

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Daniel Avery More Truth 1536x715
May 17, 2023
Ralph Moore

The rumours, albeit whispered, are true. Daniel Avery has just dropped a surprise EP today entitled More Truth. It’s a seven-track companion collection of b-sides and bonus material that follows hot in the footsteps of his critically acclaimed fifth album Ultra Truth, which we covered in depth with a Beatportal feature late last year and which featured luminaries including SHERELLE, Kelly Lee Owens and HAAi.

Beginning with the thunderous chorus of “Going So Low”, “More Truth” explores the furthest emotional reaches of Avery‘s ever-expanding studio fever dream. Speaking on the EP, Daniel Avery said: “More Truth. More sounds from the world of Ultra! B-sides, bonus tracks and unheard noise. This is our ultra truth. We’re not going anywhere.”

Released back in November of 2022, Ultra Truth offered a very different listening experience to any of Daniel Avery’s previous albums. It inhabited its own world of sound, a construct built in Avery’s Thames side studio with the production touch of Ghost Culture and Manni Dee. And now we have a surprise sequel of sorts! Dive in.

The new Daniel Avery EP More Truth is out now via Phantasy (UK/EU) and MUTE (North America).