CloZee Identifies the Artists that Have Enriched Her Life

With Role Models, we learn more about electronic music’s exciting acts — and the artists who inspired them. This time, we hear from CloZee and learn why spending time on a retreat with Bonobo can be a life-enhancing artist experience.

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Apr 21, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

The French-born, Denver-based bass music maestro CloZee has spent the better part of a decade accumulating legions of fans from around the globe and solidifying her title as one of the bass scene’s principal female innovators. Her potent combo of dirty, glitchy tones and leads that cut through her uplifting cinematic soundscapes and harmonies have made her a hotly sought-after act for festival stages far and wide, and her ever-evolving sonic outlook has always managed to result in fresh productions and rip-roaring performances.

Having just announced the impending arrival of her third full-length album, Microworlds — set to drop this summer via her lauded Odyzey Music label — we caught up with CloZee to learn more about her dance floor journey to date and the musical mentors that she has found along the way.

CloZee’s lead single for her upcoming album, “Microworlds,” is out now via Odyzey Music. Buy it on Beatport.

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Who has most inspired you on your journey to becoming a DJ/producer?

To start producing, it was Timbaland, Bonobo, and edIT. For DJing, i’d say seeing Birdy Nam Nam, Gramatik, Amon Tobin (ISAM 2.0) live made a big impact on me in wanting to share my compositions with an audio-visual experience, and create that little escape for people during a show.

How did you first discover them?

The library in my hometown in France had the whole Bonobo and Amon Tobin discographies in the “Electronica” section. So, I just rented all of them and started digging for more related artists on YouTube.

What made them someone you wanted to emulate?

It was about the feeling that their music had on me. Listening to their music creates that safe bubble whenever I needed to escape. Their songs are associated with a lot of my core memories, and anytime I listen to those songs again, it transports me back to them. That’s what I’m hoping to bring to other people through my music.

Have you ever met them in person? Or worked with them?

I actually just spent some days in the same retreat center in Costa Rica as Bonobo (for the festival Envision), so we got to hang out for a little bit. I met edIT a couple of times at festivals. Such amazing people. I don’t think they will ever know how much they changed my life, because I’m too shy to express it whenever I see them.

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Did you have any other mentors along the way?

Yes. Not only in music, but in general. I met a lot of people in my life who have become mentors, just by their way of doing things, their way of seeing life, approaching issues, expressing their feelings, self-acceptance, etc. These people inspire me to be a better person everyday, being fully who I am, and they indirectly inspired my music in a lot of ways.

Why is representation so important in the music industry?

Representation is so important in the music industry because of how an artist’s story and music can have such a big impact on people’s life. We need artists that all have different backgrounds, stories, visions, so it can open doors, and touch anyone. The more diversity in this industry, the more people’s lives are going to be changed because they will feel inspired. Fully expressing yourself, having the courage to come out, overcoming your fears, going through depression, self-acceptance… That’s why a full spectrum of mentors and role models is so important.

Do you hope to one day serve as an example for the next generation?

100%! It matters a lot! Having people telling you, “Your music made me want to start producing,” “My mother and I reconnected through your music and we’re coming to your show tonight” or “I came out to my parents after seeing you on stage last weekend,” is why I do music: to hopefully change a little bit of people’s life and give them the courage to overcome or do anything they want.

Lastly, tell us about the chart you created.

This is a compilation of old and new songs that I absolutely love. Check it out on Beatport here!

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