Mind Against Release new ‘Reveries’ EP on Maeve

The Italian brothers bring fresh musical musings to the dance floor with a new four-track EP on Maeve.

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Mind Against Reveries Beatport 1536x715
Oct 29, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Brothers Alessandro and Federico Fognini of the celebrated electronic music duo Mind Against have released a new four-track EP, Reveries, via the Mano Le Tough’s Berlin-based label, Maeve.

The EP follows the pair’s rich and ethereal Changes EP on Afterlife back in July, as well as a selection of expressive remixes for the likes of KAS:ST, Alan Fitzpatrick, and WhoMadeWho.

Kicking things off with the title track, “Reveries” rides in with a confident and repetitive synth phrase that clears the path for threshing arpeggios and delicate vocal samples. Next up, “Prophet” is characterized by soft and unpredictable drum patterns. “Harp” brings a new kind of majesty to the forefront, centering itself around its namesake instrument. The EP closes out with “Dawn,” an arousing tune with competing melodies and an off-kilter bassline. Check out the full EP below.

Mind Against’s Reveries EP is out now via Maeve.

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