CC:DISCO! Drops Debut EP on Phantasy Sound, 'Chez Moi (Waiting For You)'

One of Australia’s finest selectors, CC:DISCO!, taps Confidence Man to assist in her big debut on Phantasy Sound.

2 min
Jul 21, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

Australia’s beloved DJ/producer and tastemaker CC:DISCO! has joined the ranks of Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound imprint and presents us with her first-ever EP, Chez Moi (Waiting For You).

A widely respected DJ who has spanned the globe performing at some of the world’s most sought-after festivals and clubbing destinations, her sharp-witted selections and magnetic presence have always made CC:DISCO! a dance floor favorite. The artist’s hugely popular Soothsayer compilations, First Light Vol. 1 & 2, further show off her prowess as a curator, but the arrival of her debut EP marks the start of a new and exciting chapter of her career that is teeming with production potential.

“Shit begins at 40 I tell ya,” CC:DISCO! writes in an Instagram post. “Vera Wang started her company at 40, and I finally got my first EP out at the same age.”

The title track “Chez Moi (Waiting For You)” is a Balearic and romantic ballad with a benevolent bassline, elegant percussion, and a compelling vocal crescendo that features Confidence Man’s own Janet Planet. On the b-side, we are treated to “Out Of Your Mind” — a dynamic ode to the fabulous and fierce sound of New York’s essential house music heritage. Listen below.

CC:DISCO!’s debut EP Chez Moi (Waiting For You) is out now via Phantasy Sound.Buy it on Beatport.

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