Beatport is Collaborating with Richie Hawtin and deadmau5 for new Synth Heads NFT Series

Beatport and gaming (Music Metaverse) platform PIXELYNX partner to create Synth Heads, a generative NFT series for electronic music fans.

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Jan 14, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Beatport has teamed up with Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5) and Richie Hawtin‘s new gaming venture, PIXELYNX, to create a new series of generative NFTs — Synth Head: The Secret Life of Synths.

Dreamed up in a world where a producer’s synths come to life in the studio after the creator goes to bed, the NFT series pays homage to synth culture, a cornerstone of electronic music production and performance.

Synth Heads are created using a process called Generative Art, a process of algorithmically generating new ideas, forms, shapes, colors or patterns automatically. This process ensures that each NFT is entirely unique, all with their own narrative and individual characteristics, with some having more rare qualities than others. Check out a few examples in the video below.

Owning Synth Head NFTs will give fans exclusive access to a range of benefits, including special passes to in-real-life festivals, free music and future NFT and metaverse experiences.

The first series of 3,030 unique Synth Heads NFTs are available on Thursday, February 10th.

The Synth Head community can gather on its Discord here.

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