Beatport and Blacktable Unite to Create the Ultimate DJ Table Bundle

Upgrade your studio with the ultimate DJ performance table and get a 12-month subscription to Beatport LINK with the Beatport Special Edition of Blacktable.

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Jan 17, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Beatport has partnered with Swiss company Blacktable — the leading manufacturer of top-of-the-line DJ tables for clubs and festivals worldwide — to develop the Beatport Special Edition of their Pro Compact and Pro Wide models.

Bringing festival-quality DJ tables to the market, Blacktable offers DJs of all levels the most portable, modular and made-to-last foundation for a premium home studio experience. Blacktable’s new compact and mobile format makes it easy to deconstruct, transport and rebuild your weatherproof DJ table for gigs in any location, rain or shine.

“The ones who know, know it’s the best DJ table on the market today.” — Luciano

And now, every purchase of the Pro Compact or Pro Wide models will come with a year-long subscription to Beatport’s revolutionary DJ streaming service (a limited number of units are available for the bundle; 200 total).

With a LINK-powered Beatport subscription, DJs can seamlessly and spontaneously choose from the millions of tracks available on Beatport’s catalog directly through their LINK integrated DJ gear and devices. LINK subscribers can also access the Beatport Mobile App and the Beatport DJ Web App.

Learn more about subscribing to Beatport here.

“These guys have created a great product with Blacktable. I’m always excited when I see it in the DJ booth.” — David Guetta

The Blacktable story begins in Lugano, Switzerland in 2018, when Red Bull asked former lawyer Thierry Fara to create a tailor-made table for DJs performing at Red Bull’s events. Soon, artists and venues began noticing its attractive aluminium design, and purchase requests started rolling in. To fulfil these early orders, the first few Blacktables were handcrafted by Thierry himself.

In the summer of 2018, Luciano began performing with Blacktable at Ushuaia Beach Club Ibiza, and soon, more artists started using the model. Technicians also began suggesting various improvements, which led to the first professional table for DJs on stage. In a short time, other great Ibiza clubs, such as Pacha and Destino, adopted Blacktable as their permanent solution.

In 2019, the first small, industrial production began as orders poured from all over the world. Clubs, beach clubs, festivals, rental services, bars and restaurants: they were all thrilled about Blacktable’s DJ booth table solution.

In December 2019, former professional cyclist and mechanical engineer Nazareno Rossi joined his friend Thierry to help boosting the product development, running simulations to create a modular system for professionals. In September 2020 Blacktable System SA was founded in Switzerland, making things official.

By April of 2021, the new modular system was launched. Today, the Blacktable modular DJ setup provides international customers with professional DJ stand tables for festivals, tours, outdoor and indoor clubs, terraces, bars, restaurants, radios, streaming stations and home studios.

PRO Compact – Beatport Special Edition

– It offers all the same features as Blacktable models designed for large stages but in a compact format.

– You can place on its surface: One laptop and a controller, two players and one mixer or two turntables and one mixer.

– Includes a one-year subscription to Beatport LINK

– Limited Edition (200) for € 990.00 EUR (VAT and Shipping excl.)


Blacktable Beatport Compact 2

PRO Wide – Beatport Special Edition

– It offers all the same features as Blacktable models designed for large stages

– Fits four players and one mixer, or two players, two controllers and one mixer

– Includes a one-year subscription to Beatport LINK PRO

– € 1,290.00 EUR (VAT and Shipping excl.)


Blacktable Beatport Wide 2
Beatportx Blacktable 3 600x400

Check out some of each Blacktable model’s additional features below.

– Fiberglass panels with anti-slip surface

– Mechanical resistance: high load capacity

– Resists to corrosion: resistant to salts and liquids

– Electrical and thermal insulation: non-magnetic and non-conductive, no grounding required

– Cost-effective: maintenance-free, long-lasting, durable performance and appearance

– Fire-resistant

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