Beatport Sounds Releases 'Carnival Unmuted' Sample Pack

Featuring field-recorded sounds straight from the heart of Notting Hill’s colorful Carnival celebrations, grab a free download of Beatport and Loopcloud’s Carnival Unmuted sample pack.

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LC Pack Artwork
Sept 7, 2023

Beatport Sounds, the sample pack label from Beatport, has released Carnival Unmuted, a collection of vibrant sounds recorded at London’s recent Notting Hill Carnival. The project is a collaboration between Beatsource, the music streaming service for DJs who play everything, and Loopcloud, the world’s largest sound library.

Carnival Unmuted aims to amplify the sounds and energy of Caribbean culture and celebrate the freedom of self-expression. Beatport’s team captured as many sounds as possible during the festival, including the crowd (both the group and the individuals), performers, floats, costumes, and more. Beatport also commissioned a diverse team of producers, including SpydaT.E.K, Arwa, DJames, GG, 99makavelli, and Madness Muv, to make beats with the samples. Their work can be heard via the Instagram carousel below.

The Unmuted series allows Beatport and Loopcloud’s diverse groups of music producers to incorporate original and enriching sounds taken from celebrations and situations from across the globe — helping to break down cultural barriers and amplify the voices of vital communities who demand to be heard.

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the world’s largest street festivals, with over two million attendees annually. It celebrates the British West Indian community and encourages cultural unity. The festival sprang up in the ’60s as a way to address community unrest and improve racial relations.

Carnival Unmuted stands as the second chapter in Beatport Sounds’ Unmuted Series, a platform dedicated to amplifying the distinctive sounds and meaningful voices of events that resonate with the company’s fundamental values and mission.

Download the Carnival Unmuted sample pack here.

Check out the first installment of the Unmuted series — Pride Unmuted, which was released in July and features sounds from London’s 2023 Pride celebrations.