CHVRCHES Electronic Side Project Protection Returns with New Single "Doll"

Ian Cook from CHVRCHES and Sons and Daughters’s Scott Paterson have a new alter ego.

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Protection CHVRCHES 1536x715
Nov 11, 2022
Ralph Moore

Although this electronic outfit are fairly new as a duo, their musical pedigree as Scottish producers speaks for itself. Ian is a member of the massive musical trio CHVRCHES while Scott is a member of former Scottish rock band Sons and Daughters. This is their second release after the glistening “Still Love You,” and “Doll” is just fabulous. We’re also told they have a further 30 tracks ready to go.

Says Iain: “’Doll started off as a very different sounding song. Much slower and with a glowing synthwave feel. Listening back, the only thing that remains from the original demo is the high arpeggio which you can hear washed out with reverb throughout the final mix.”

Adds Scott: “When I was at university I’d have mixtapes of things like Underworld and I have lovely memories of cruising around Glasgow dropping pals off after nights out with stuff like that on. We tend to use a variety of synths in the songs but on this, a lot of it is actually from the Moog One. Iain started the track with that and then midway through that month loaned me the synth and I added more using it. That and the Moog Model D, that’s what all the bell like sounds are that feature later in the track. So I guess we owe Moog a shout for this one, cheers Moog!”

Protection’s new single “Doll” is out now via Saint Lucky Records. Buy it on Beatport.

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