Critical Music Drops '20 Years Of Underground Sonics' Compilation

Kasra’s pivotal imprint celebrates two decades of drum & bass excellence.

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Kasra Critical Beatport 1536x715
Apr 29, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Few labels in drum & bass have a legacy as strong as Critical Music. An unavoidable first destination for high-quality underground D’n’B sounds, Kasra‘s seminal label has been responsible for releasing classic early records from the likes of Ivy Lab, Mefjus, Enei, and more. It’s also introduced the world to a plethora of newfangled acts like Particle, Fade Black, and gyrofield, all of whom are paving new paths forward for the genre’s next generation.

Now celebrating its 20th birthday, Kasra has put together an all-star cast of drum & bass stalwarts to contribute to their new anniversary compilation, 20 Years Of Underground Sonicsnow available exclusively on Beatport.

Featuring the label’s regular cast of characters like Waeys, Klinical, Foreign Concept, Levela, T>I, Halogenix and Kasra himself, the 22-track album also features head-splitting tracks from Coco Bryce, Sam Binga & EMZ, Calibre, Buunshin, and more. Check it out below.

“Compilation albums have a special place in my heart and to mark our birthday year, I really wanted to release a project that was distinctive and exciting,” says Kasra. “An album that showcases the diversity of the label, the talents of the many artists we work with and ties together the many threads and themes the producers explore. It feels good to look back and be proud, but the future is even more exciting, and I hope you get a view of that through this album and the amazing music it contains.”

Critical Music’s 20 Years Of Underground Sonics anniversary compilation is out now. Check it out on Beatport.

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