Beatport & Loopcloud Launch New Series with the 'Pride Unmuted' Sample Pack

Featuring sounds straight from the heart of London’s 2023 Pride celebrations, grab Beatport and Loopcloud’s fabulous and free #PrideUnmuted sample pack.

3 min
Jul 11, 2023

Ice crackles as the champagne falls across the cubes. Fans cheer as floats decorated in fluorescent hues roll through the streets. Fog horns bellow through the scorching July heatwave. Pride is in full effect. Using sounds from London Pride Parade, Loopcloud and Beatport have teamed up to create the world’s first genre and gender-free sound pack, available exclusively through the Loopcloud portal. Entitled #PrideUnmuted, the sounds combine a mixture of vocal samples from the attendees alongside everyday sounds, which can be used to make new songs or layered over existing ones.

#PrideUnmuted is the first sample pack to appear in Beatport Sounds’ new ‘Unmuted’ series, created to help amplify the voices of vital communities across the world. Showcasing eclectic and authentic samples for your productions, Unmuted is a unique opportunity for the Beatport and Loopcloud communities to break down barriers and enrich their productions with the sounds the world needs to hear.

After sharing a recap video from their team on the ground at the festivities, producers popped up in the Instagram comments demanding access to the sounds to make their own version of the song. Participants like the Grammy-nominated GG, 99Makavelli (born to two mothers), Babyweight, and others all shared songs inspired by the packs to drive awareness around Pride activities.

Sadly, not everyone was able to participate publicly. Astonishingly, some parts of the world still restrict their citizens from identifying as LGBTQ or even supporting the movement on social media. In lieu of this, one Anonymous producer went undercover to smash a huge record and tutorial on how they participated in the face of this adversity.

Check all of the songs below! Make sure to grab the sounds from Loopcloud here and tag us with #PrideUnmuted to have your creation featured on @beatport and @loopcloud socials.

Download our free #PrideUnmuted sample pack here.