Beatport Exclusive: Nia Archives and Watch The Ride "Mash Up The Dance"

The intergenerational jungle roller “Mash Up The Dance” is out now via Rinse / Bad Music Limited — available exclusively on Beatport.

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Nia Archives Beatport Exclusive
May 16, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Beatport Next artist Nia Archives continues proving why she is the most talked about name in jungle music with her latest collaboration with pioneering D&B and jungle artists DJ Die, Dismantle, and DJ Randall — who together form Watch The Ride.

A surefire summertime banger, “Mash Up The Dance” bridges the gap between modern and old-school jungle vibes, while paying homage to Rinse FM’s humble pirate radio beginnings through a lo-fi, DIY style music video. Check out the track below.

“The track’s creation was really natural, sometimes everything just clicks in the session and this was one of those moments,” says Watch The Ride. “Linking with Nia felt great as she represents another branch on the tree from which we all belong to.”

“Was so gassed to make this one with Die, Randall and Dismantle and be part of the Watch The Ride family,” Nia Archives adds. “Have seen this one going off in my sets for a minute now and I know it’s gonna mash up dance for the summer of jungle.”

Nia Archives and Watch The Ride’s collaborative single “Mash Up The Dance” is out now via Rinse. Check it out on Beatport.

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