Why Joeski Loves The Arturia Synthi V

The Arturia Synthi V is a modern emulation of the original electronic modular synth. The first model of this hardware, EMS Synthi A, was released in 1972 and was almost instantly a staple in any recording studio. I have been a big fan of the vintage synthesizers for years, so I was really excited when this software came out. The EMS Synthi A was commonly used by musical legends such as Brian Eno and Pink Floyd. I remember listening to Brian Eno’s ambient albums and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon and admiring the unique sound of the equipment they were using. I love the classic synth sounds from the early ‘70s, so incorporating that vibe into my music is a must.

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Dec 2, 2019
Joeski .

I have been using a lot of the bass sounds that the Arturia Synthi V has to offer in my production. I am often really picky about the sound quality of soft synths, but I found that the bass options sound warm and full. I have been getting into producing a deeper techno sound lately so a lot of the pad and lead sounds are useful in achieving that dark sound. The Arturia Synthi V features three oscillators with waveform mix, a noise generator, and an output section with spring reverb modelling. I have also loved using some of the presets this software has to offer, such as sequence sounds and electronic percussion. The 250 total factory presets sound amazing and are all very useful in production. In addition, the effects are on point. The delays, reverbs, phasers, and flangers are all equally important in proper production. I use the step sequencer for modulating and the auto parameters to create unique sounds. The joystick is also a really cool touch for modulating parameters in a 2D space. The Arturia Synthi V also has two matrix behavior modes: modern and vintage for crosstalk simulation. Another feature that I love to use is the sequencer that syncs with the tempo of the track I am working on.

Out of all my plugins that I use, the Arturia bundles are consistently some of my favorites. All around, the Arturia Synthi V has everything a producer could need in a virtual synth. This software offers everything from drum machine sounds to bass, pad, and keyboard sounds that can be manipulated to create your own sound in any music genre. I highly recommend the Arturia Synthi V to any producer looking for a well-rounded synthesizer.

Joeski’s debut album, 20 Years of Maya, is out now.

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