Beatport Acquires Demo Submission Platform, LabelRadar

Beatport welcomes LabelRadar’s streamlined music demo submission platform to its Music Services division.

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Beatport x Label Radar
May 26, 2022
Beatport Team

Beatport has announced the acquisition of LabelRadar, a company that has built its reputation with artists as a valuable platform to introduce them to labels, notifying them immediately when their demo is listened to, and paving the way for them to get signed.

For record labels, LabelRadar provides streamlined access to a steady flow of unsigned demos from a wide variety of genres submitted by artists based all around the world. When an A&R team finds a track they love, they can view data on the artist, start a chat, and upon mutual confirmation, sign the track. LabelRadar will join ampsuite, Hype and LabelBase as part of Beatport’s Music Services division.

“LabelRadar streamlines the whole demo submission process,” says Alex Branson, SVP of Music Services. “LabelRadar has built an accessible product that makes it easier for labels and publishers to review incoming demos, while ensuring artists get their demos heard by the right prospective partners who can immediately jump on the opportunity to sign new music.”

Beatport has worked alongside LabelRadar to host remix competitions featuring Carl Craig, Tiësto, and Giolì & Assia via its “Opportunities” feature, which will continue to be developed to increase collaboration across all levels of the dance music industry.

LabelRadar will enable Beatport to support artists and labels from the beginning of their musical journey, and will further connect Music Services into the overall Beatport ecosystem.

Learn more about LabelRadar’s streamlined demo submission process here.

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