How to use DJ.Studio with Beatport Streaming

Beatport Streaming and DJ.Studio are your perfect combination for preparing your sets.

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How to use DJ Studio with Beatport Streaming
Feb 28, 2024
James Harbrecht

DJ.Studio is an intuitive DAW designed for DJs to help them create mixes in half the time. Now with access to the 12m+ catalog of Beatport Streaming, DJs can build their ideal mix by using DJ.Studio to order tracks with harmonic and BPM matching, then create transitions using built in presets. If you want to export your mix as a wav or mp3, you have the option of seamlessly purchasing the tracks as downloads from the Beatport store. Follow the guide below to find out more.

Note – DJ.Studio is available to Advanced and Professional plan Beatport Streaming subscribers.

Find out more about DJ.Studio and sign up for free here.

Here are a few tips for getting started:

Choose your Beatport Streaming Plan here.

How to Download DJ.Studio

1. First, download the DJ.Studio app. You can find the downloads here:

2. Select the right download for your operating system.

3. After installing the app, you will be prompted to sign in/register for a DJ.Studio account.

4. You unlock a free 14-day trial of DJ.Studio Pro without giving any payment info.

How to connect Beatport Streaming to DJ.Studio

1. Open the installed DJ.Studio app (this feature isn’t available in the web-browser mode).

2. Go to Settings > Connections > Beatport Streaming > and click Connect.

3. You will now see a window asking you to sign in to your Beatport Streaming account, or offering you access to a free trial. Note, you need a Beatport Streaming Advanced or Professional account.

4. Beatport Streaming is now enabled in DJ.Studio, and you can create Beatport Projects as explained below.

Beatport DJ Studio 2

Using the Beatport catalog in DJ.Studio

This section shows you how to create Beatport Projects and start mixing with the Beatport Streaming Library inside DJ.Studio.

1. Open DJ.Studio, making sure Beatport is connected (explained above).

2. From the DJ.Studio homepage, click Create New Mix in the lower left corner.

3. You will see three project types. Select Beatport.

4. The Add tracks screen will open where you can browse through the Beatport library.

5. Use the search to find any track, playlist, label, or artist. Additionally, you will see a list of genres below, where you can find the Top 100 charts for each genre.

6. For each track that you want to add to your mix, click the + icon at the end of each row.

7. Click the yellow Add xx tracks button in the bottom right corner.

8. After importing tracks you’ll be taken to the DJ.Studio editor.

9. Use Automix to get the tracks harmonically order or rearrange the tracks order yourself on the Playlist tab and create great sounding transitions. Or watch this video How To Edit Mixes In DJ.Studio.

10. You can add more Beatport tracks to your mix at any time, by clicking the Add Tracks button to re-open the library.

11. When your mix is finished, click the Export button. Here, you can either upload your mix to the Beatport Community page, or use the Legalize tool to buy and download tracks, letting you upload the mix to YouTube, or copy the files to live DJing software and controllers like rekordbox and others.

12. You can also send your Beatport mixes directly to rekordbox, and mix using rekordbox’s Beatport Streaming integration.

1. Finish your mix.

2. Click Export > DJ Set > rekordbox.

3. DJ.Studio then creates a playlist in rekordbox which contains all the tracks in your mix.

4. Open rekordbox, and find the playlist in the Beatport Streaming tab of your rekordbox library.

Using Spotify playlists or 1001Tracklists to make a DJ mix

You can also start with a Spotify Playlist or a DJ set on 1001Tracklists and turn the tracks into a DJ mix with high-quality music from Beatport Streaming.

1. From the DJ.Studio homepage, click Create New Mix in the lower left corner.

2. Select Beatport.

3. Select the 1001Tracklists tab or the Spotify tab

4. Browse 1001Tracklists events or drag a Spotify playlist url onto the screen

5. Select the tracks you want with the checkbox at the end of each row.

6. Click Add xx tracks in the bottom right corner of the screen.

7. The corresponding Beatport tracks will be gathered and added to your mix.

How to use the offline library with DJ.Studio

Offline library storage is available for Professional subscribers only.

With a Beatport Professional subscription, you can download tracks to your offline library, and mix them without an internet connection. These can also be used in DJ.Studio.

During the initial setup of Beatport within DJ.Studio or in Settings > Connections > Beatport > Show info you can enable these settings:

– Automatically add mixed tracks to my offline locker.

– Add favorites to my offline library.

Beatport DJ Studio 1

It also works like this:

– Open

– Open your Beatport library.

– Right-click a track, and select ‘Store Offline’

– Open a Beatport Project in DJ.Studio, and click on the Offline Locker tab. You should see your downloaded tracks.

Check out the DJ.Studio Beatport Support Guide for additional information!

Find more information about which Beatport Streaming plan is right for you here.

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