Beatport Insider July 2022: Top-Selling Techno Tracks, Artists, and Labels

With Beatport Insider, we dig into key stats from the Beatport store each month. This time, we look at the artists and labels that dominated our Techno sales and streaming charts for the past six months.

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Aug 2, 2022
Beatport Team

Adam Beyer and Layton Giordani‘s remix of the classic Drumcode tune — Sam Paganini’s “Rave” — comes in as Beatport’s best-selling techno track of the year (so far), followed by Lily Palmer’s “We Control” and Mark Dekoda’s “Rave Harder Techno Bass” on Scythe Recordings.

With four of the year’s top 10 techno tunes, it is no surprise that Drumcode has taken the gold in the genre’s best-selling labels list, followed close behind by Coyu’s Suara and Reinier Zonneveld Filth on Acid.

Topping off the Drumcode domination of Beatport’s techno genres in 2022, label head Adam Beyer is our best-selling artist, with Jay Lumen taking the number two slot and Lily Palmer coming in at number three. Check out more key Beatport stats from our Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), and Hard Techno sections below.

10 Top-Selling Techno Tracks

10 Most Streamed Techno Tracks

10 Best-Selling Techno Labels

1. Drumcode
2. Suara
3. Filth on Acid
4. Tronic
5. 1605
7. DSR Digital
8. Terminal M
9. Alula Tunes
10. Codex Recordings

Top 10 Most-Streamed Techno Labels

1. Drumcode
2. Filth on Acid
3. Suara
4. 1605
5. Tronic
7. Footwork
8. DSR Digital
9. Terminal M
10. Alula Tunes

10 Best-Selling Beatport HYPE Techno Tracks

10 Most-Streamed Beatport HYPE Techno Tracks

10 Best-Selling Techno Artists

1. Adam Beyer
2. Jay Lumen
3. Lilly Palmer
5. Sam Paganini
6. Rebuke
7. Lampe
8. HI-LO
9.Drunken Kong
10. Charlotte de Witte

10 Most-Streamed Techno Artists

1. Adam Beyer
2. Lilly Palmer
4. Jay Lumen
5. Sam Paganini
6. Charlotte de Witte
7. Rebuke
8. Layton Giordani
9. HI-LO
10. Drunken Kong

Top Trending Techno Artists

  • Of the Top 100 artists in 2021 who had the highest percentage increase of tracks sold in the last six months, compared to the six months before.

1. Alt8

Old Gold (Techno)

  • The best-selling tracks over the past six months that were released before 2010.

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