ACRAZE Scores a Beatport Number 1 with “Do It To It”

We chat with Staten Island-born Charlie Duncker (aka ACRAZE) about his very first Beatport number one — a slamming tech house rework of Cherish’s 2006 R&B hit, “Do It To It.”

3 min
Dec 2, 2021
Heiko Hoffmann

Congratulations Charlie to your first Beatport number-one-hit! How are you?

I’ve always wanted a number one on Beatport, such an amazing feeling knowing people love the new record. Woke up today feeling grateful but also very tired haha. I finally have some days off to work on some music.

“Do It To It” has been one of this year’s biggest dance hits already – being dropped by many key DJs. What have been some special moments for you seeing the reaction of your peers and fans to the track?

I think I realized how big this song was getting during my shows and festival plays. Every time I played the intro to “Do It To It” people would scream so loud and it’s just a feeling not many people get to experience but I’m so blessed that this record turned out the way it did. There are also 1.2 million videos on Tiktok made with this song so every night I usually watch some new ones before I go to bed. It’s amazing to see everyone having fun and just feeling happy.

“Do It To It” is a cover of a 2006 hit by R&B group Cherish. Can you tell us how your version started – and did you already get any feedback from the members of Cherish on it?

Cherish loved it, I remember in the early stages of releasing this record they were posting it on their stories hyped up. It’s amazing that they were on board and wanted to go full throttle with me on this. We might work on something in the future

Do you already know how you want to follow up release-wise?

Oh yeah I definitely have my mind set on the style of music I wanna release but I wanna keep people guessing and on their toes. The next step is releasing the remixes, which there has been a lot of teasing going on haha. Can’t wait for them.

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