PAX: 10 Huge Tracks That Drive Their DJ Sets

Following the success of their latest single, “Remedy,” heavyweight house and techno duo PAX pick the 10 most essential tracks in their sonic arsenal.

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Mar 10, 2020

There are certain records every DJ will have in their collection that they are always likely to play. Be that a seminal classic, or a new cut that resonates for the right reasons. Music that has that something extra, and which you know are guaranteed to create a special moment on the dancefloor.

Here are ten of our mainstay records.

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Plastic Robots – Kolapso [Dense]

“Kolapso” is one of those records you get excited to play because you know what’s coming. The tension and suspense in the build is incredibly well done, and the payoff on the drop never disappoints. A crowd favourite everywhere.

Oscar L – Monster Tube [Truesoul]

We play a lot of Oscar L and for good reason. He’s a phenomenal producer who has mastered simplistic, full-frequency heavy hitters that never tire or sound dated. “Monster Tube” is a flagship representation of that. Like all of Oscar’s productions, it’s an incredibly useful record to have in the playlist as it has such broad appeal and impact.

DJ Gregory – Canoa [Defected]

We’ve got so much love for this DJ Gregory Defected classic. It just stands out, man. The drums and percussion are on point, the vocal is memorable and the chords sublime. We have so many good time memories attached to this tune all over the place, and it will never leave our collection.

Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham – Timbuktu (Pan-African Electro Dub) [Ibadan Records]

This track is a boat party go-to record for us. It’s a bonafide classic regardless, but when in the setting of sun and sea, it always delivers a takeaway memory. The Pan-African Electro Dub is a record for the ages that you just get lost in thoroughly. Bring on the sunshine.

Cuartero – Disarm [Hot Creations]

One of Cuartero’s finest moments and it’s stood the test of time. Unique elements set it apart, and the rolling, hypnotic journey it takes you on is one everybody is happy to participate in. “Disarm” is a standout record from a standout producer.

Wade – Collapsed Jam [Suara]

Wade has been for a long time now and continues to be one of our favourite producers. We play pretty much anything he makes, and “Collapsed Jam” is one of his centerpiece productions. Trademark Wade that always hits the mark.

Rokysopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Mix) [Dog Triumph]

If the occasion is right, few pieces of music can create a vibe like Maceo’s remix of “Sordid Affair.” It’s a haunting, emotive, beautiful spin on the original that can conjure pure magic. For us, it’s one of the all-time great remixes.

Rene Ames – The Same Kind of House [SNOE]

This Rene Ames track is a timeless modern-day masterpiece for us. The flow and groove are exceptional and it works in every setting. As a tool, it makes for an excellent bridging record that delivers during peak time moment with the brilliantly orchestrated tension in the build.

Middath – There was a Guy [House of Hustle]

This tune is such a palette cleanser. It lifts everybody, every time, and always gets the dance floor jumping. The arrangement is stripped, raw, and it works flawlessly as one of those records you just love to play.

PAX – Pass The Bottle [ABODE Records]

We’re always amazed at how much “Pass The Bottle” is still growing as a record when we play it out. The requests for us to drop it and the positive response it gets are exponentially growing at each show. Listening to a crowd sing a song you’ve written is an extraordinary moment, and we don’t think it’ll be leaving our playlist anytime soon.

PAX’s new single “Remedy” is out now via Gorgon City’s Realm imprint.

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