Beatport Launches Party Mode for Beatport DJ

DJ B2B from anywhere in the world with Party Mode in Beatport DJ.

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Oct 12, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Beatport is proud to introduce our latest advancement in groundbreaking DJ technology: Party Mode — a new feature inside Beatport DJ that gives you latency-free, connected DJ sessions with up to four DJs at once from any location worldwide.

While playing in Party Mode, you and your fellow DJs can exchange tracks, dig through Beatport to find new music, and build joint playlists directly in our web-based DJ software. Think of it as any regular B2B session… but borderless — giving you and your friends the ability to play together at any time, no matter the place — and with the tremendous power of Beatport’s 12-million-strong track catalog at your fingertips.

But what good is a party without people to play for? With Party Mode, you can invite up to 100 fans to watch, listen, and join in on the action in real-time with the feature’s integrated chat function. Viewers can also dig through Beatport’s catalog via the app’s discovery function and chime in with “track requests” at any time, all while creating a shared session playlist that every participant can save.

Watch the Party Mode tutorial and learn how it all works below and start your own Party Mode session by going here!

This first-of-its-kind, truly interactive performance tool has various applications that will completely revolutionize the way you perform, learn, teach, and enjoy the art of DJing.

  • Play & Socialize: Party Mode is the perfect place to link up with your friends and revel in your shared passion for DJing and music discovery. Show off your hottest tracks.
  • DJ Education: Whether you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of DJing or teach them to someone else, Party Mode’s easy-to-use interface makes it an ideal classroom for those looking to start their DJ journey.
  • Fan Interaction: Looking to find new and innovative ways to interact with your fans? Invite 100 of them to a Party Mode session to answer their questions, hear their requests, and show them how you work behind the decks.
  • Joint Gig Prep: Got a B2B gig coming up with a DJ in a different time zone? Hop into a Party Mode session to find your flow and perfect your setlist ahead of the performance.

Beatport first teased its new Party Mode function during its Microsoft Surface Originals² showcase with a livestream of the world’s first remote B2B DJ session with Jamie Jones (performing in Miami) and Loco Dice (performing in Berlin). Learn more about it here.


To use Party Mode, you must first have a subscription to Beatport Streaming. Visit this page to start your free 30-day trial to Beatport Streaming so you can join Party Mode as a host or a DJ.

Login to your Beatport Streaming account from the Beatport DJ site, and click the ‘Start’ button in the top left to launch your Party Mode session.

DJs can perform together using their mouse & keyboard on the virtual DJ decks, with Touch Mode on a Microsoft Surface tablet, or with a number of plug-and-play 3rd party DJ controllers that have been midi-mapped to the Beatport DJ environment.

Click ‘Add DJ,’ copy the link, and send it to 1-3 other DJs to join the session.

Participants will need a Beatport Streaming account to play.

Click ‘Add Fan,’ copy the link, and post / send it to invite up to 100 viewers.

Viewers will need a Beatport account to party with you, but they won’t need a subscription to join.


Session Playlist: This automatically generated playlist contains all the tracks played during the Party Mode session and can be saved at any point for later purchase or playback on Beatport DJ or other LINK-connected platforms.

Request Playlists: Viewers in Party Mode can more deeply engage with the DJs by digging through the Beatport catalog directly in the app and dragging requested tracks into this playlist, which can also be saved by all participants at any time.

Start Playing with Party Mode on Beatport DJ!

Be sure to share your session link on Twitter and tag @beatport with the hashtag #PartywithBeatport

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