Beatport Launches Mainstage, a New Genre Inspired by the Festival Experience

Bring DJ sets to life with Mainstage — Beatport’s new home for Big Room, Electro House, Future House, Midtempo, and Speed House.

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Jun 25, 2021
Jordan Mafi

Beatport has launched a new dedicated genre page that unites Big Room, Electro House, and Future House into one all-encompassing category: Mainstage.

Home to the high-energy sounds of the festival mainstage, this genre celebrates a diverse range of dance music fit for a sold-out crowd filled with the most dedicated ravers. Nestled under the Mainstage genre are five subgenres often heard on festival stages worldwide: Big Room, Future House, Electro House, Midtempo, and Speed House.

After collecting feedback from various labels, DJs, distributors, artists, and dance music communities alike, Beatport has decided that the following changes will give these sounds more visibility on the store. In addition to this, the new category will allow for the creation of a Beatport Hype section.

We feel that this move will benefit our customers, artists, and labels by making this music easier to locate. Additionally, receiving featured spots and reaching the top 10 within the genre will become the coveted position as it once was on Beatport.

“I think that the new Mainstage section will provide a more efficient and tightened up referencing for songs that have the same type of energy and belong to most main stages,” Future House innovator Tchami says about Beatport’s newest genre.

Prominent Dutch label SPINNIN’ RECORDS stated: “It’s amazing to see Beatport making moves to make the genre more competitive and appealing! Even for our artists, the name ‘Mainstage’ has a nice ring to it. Playing on the mainstage is the ultimate goal for every artist, and it fits the style of the electronic music featured in here to a tee. We’re more than ready to dive into a successful festival summer together with Beatport on this one!”

Globally renowned label Ultra Music also added: “With tour dates dropping, clubs reopening and line-ups being announced, it finally feels like our community can begin healing from the past year. Mainstage feels like the perfect place to kick off the celebration. We’re excited that Beatport is giving fans a place to gather across genres because that’s what music is all about — bringing people together.”

After the past year without festivals, we’re ready to return to the Mainstage. Beatport is excited to represent the many subgenres of the Mainstage sound under a new genre page that will garner even more attention than before.

Explore Beatport’s new Mainstage genre page here.

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