Acclaimed Electronic Duo Audiofly Announce Their End

The DJ and production duo Audiofly have announced that they are to split after two decades.

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Nov 17, 2022
Ralph Moore

“What a journey. It all feels like a dream.” The DJ duo Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito – known to the global club scene as Audiofly – have announced today that they will no longer be producing or touring under the alias, so they can both venture into solo careers and focus on their health.

They met in 2000 in London, where Luca offered his DJ services in exchange for some studio time and they haven’t been able to escape each other’s production pockets since. Previous releases and parties had flags and releases flown by Crosstown Rebels, Rekids, Get Physical and their own Flying Circus brand for the past fifteen years. They’ve remixed and worked with everyone from Robert Owens to Patrice Baumel.

“Wherever life will take the both of us from this point forward it is fair to say that this is the biggest achievement of our my life thus far, and I most certainly could not have done it without Anthony,” says Luca about the split.

Flying Circus’ record label and events will continue to push onwards and upwards, and they’ve also noted that an occasional Burning Man reunion is not off the table. In addition, both Luca and Anthony will be announcing their forthcoming solo projects in 2023. Check out some of Audiofly’s most celebrated tracks below.

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