Beloved Bass Music Producer CharlestheFirst Has Passed Away at 25

The electronic music community has come out in full to commemorate the life of US bass music artist, CharlestheFirst.

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Dec 11, 2021
Jordan Mafi

Cherished producer, DJ, and leader in the bass music community CharlestheFirst has passed away at just 25 years old. On Friday afternoon, his death was confirmed in posts across social media from Lab Group, a collaborative project from CharlestheFirst, Potions, and Supertask. Nashville detectives are currently investigating the cause of death.

Born Charles Elias Ingalls, CharlestheFirst was born in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1996, an upbringing that fueled his passion for nature and directly influenced his forward-thinking music. Known in the bass music scene as a friend to all, an innovative artist, and a positive force in the community, Charles fostered a genuine connection with peers and fans alike through music and art.

Charles began releasing music just six years ago, though his output was extraordinary. In his short time as a leader in bass music, Charles released over 20 singles, EPs, and albums — each release has made a profound impact on a niche yet impassioned corner of the bass music community. Most notably, CharlestheFirst delighted fans and peers alike with his 2017 The Reach EP, including his hypnotic single “Mercy Falls.” In addition to his solo work, CharlestheFirst regularly collaborated with fellow producers in the scene who were also his dearest friends: Lab Group saw Charles create alongside Potions and Supertask, even organizing curated events together, including this weekend’s special performance at The Caverns in Tennessee.

Friends, fans, and peers took to Twitter to share their condolences and express their love for Charles.

Listen to CharlestheFirst’s inspiring productions on Beatport.

Our team is devastated and heartbroken beyond belief. We were just with him. Enjoying our love for each other and cheersing in Mexico for all we’ve done and all that was to come. I’ve never felt grief like this before. He brought so much beauty in this world. He deserved so much.

— jade (@jademgaines) December 10, 2021

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