Beatport to Livestream the IMS Business Report 2021

The annual IMS Business Report — providing critical stats about the electronic music industry — will be presented live on June 28th via Beatport’s streaming channels.

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Jun 25, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

This year, Beatport has teamed up with International Music Summit (IMS) to present the annual IMS Business Report — an in-depth analysis of the electronic music industry last year. The report will highlight key trends, present findings on the impact of the pandemic, and how it has affected the total value of the global dance music market.

The IMS Business Report provides vital statistics on the growth of the electronic music industry across the previous year. It includes insights into the current recorded music market, genre trends, the impact of COVID-19 on clubs and festivals, livestream case studies, NFTs, what the growth of the gaming industry means for electronic music, and how the global dance floor community stepped up to raise funds for pandemic relief and other various good causes.

Taking all of these factors into account, the IMS Business Report reveals the all-important estimated value of the global electronic music industry, which in 2019 was $7.3bn.

The presentation aired on Monday June 28th via an interactive broadcast live on Beatport’s streaming channels, the findings will be examined and analyzed in a live discussion before the IMS Business report was fully released to the world.

Moderated by Katie Bain (Billboard Dance), the chat was lead by industry experts Bart Cools (Warner Music Group), Mark Lawrence (Sentric Music), and Susan Gloy-Kruse (Beatport). Check it out below.

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