Yousef Returns on Circus Recordings to Show Off his “Wildside”

The Circus Recordings boss shares his first new track of the year.

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Yousef Beatport 2022 1536x715 1
May 6, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Yousef returns to his beloved Circus Recordings imprint for his first release of 2022, “Wildside.”

The track follows up his last hit single, “Save The Night,” — a milestone tune coming in as the 150th release on Circus Recordings.

Pairing up with accomplished singer-songwriter Penny F, “Wildside” drives forward with leading, bellicose basslines and a tenacious drum arrangement as the track tells tales of a dark and mysterious romance. Check it out below.

“This has been wrecking dance floors for me for over a year,” writes Yousef on a recent Instagram post. “It’s a powerhouse!”

Yousef’s new single “Wildside” is out now via Circus Recordings. Check it out on Beatport.

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