Sama' Abdulhadi Announces Fundraising Event Series, Bring Back Beirut

The renowned techno act has launched the event series to raise funds for Lebanon, which is suffering from an economic crisis.

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Sama Beirut
Feb 8, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Celebrated Palestinian musician and DJ Sama’ Abdulhadi has announced the Bring Back Beirut fundraiser event series, which aims to alleviate the deepening financial crisis in Lebanon and its capital, Beruit, following the tragic port explosion that devastated the city in August of 2020.

Funds will be raised through a series of club shows, which are taking place across Europe, starting at London’s Phonox on Saturday, March 12th. Supporting sets will come from Lebanese DJs Jad Taleb, Sam Karam and Tryangle Man, and similar shows will take place in Berlin, Paris, and elsewhere.

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“I’m launching the ‘Bring Back Beirut’ initiative to help Lebanon rise back up on its feet,” says Abdulhadi. “Beirut needs us! The region is still destroyed in the aftermath of the 2020 explosion. I’ve selected Nusaned to channel all financial proceeds made from the events as I trust the funds will reach those in need. Beirut is my second home, it’s the place where I found myself in music and found my freedom. It’s the least I can do to help highlight the situation.”

The series has partnered with Nusaned, a Lebanese NGO. The idea behind the initiative came after impromptu all-night performance at The Ballroom Blitz in Beirut, which saw Sama’ play alongside local artists.

The final show will take place in Beirut later this year with a free, large-scale event, and the fundraiser series will also include an NFT compilation featuring artists from the region.

Buy tickets to Bring Back Beirut at London’s Phonox here.

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