Listen to Lone's new Album, 'Always Inside Your Head'

Lone’s long-awaited eighth studio album is out now via Greco-Roman.

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Lone Always Inside my head Beatport 1
Oct 29, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Matt Cutler (AKA Lone) has dropped his first album in five years, Always Inside Your Headout now via Joe Goddard’s Greco-Roman music label.

The highly anticipated LP, which was announced back in July, is the Nottingham-raised and highly-praised musician/DJ/producer’s eighth studio album. The artist’s prolific career has gone through numerous sound transformations, from his initial heavenly hip-hop-oriented beat structures of Ecstasy & Friends to the cosmic incantations of Galaxy Gardens and the fever dream intensity of Levitate.

With Always Inside Your Head, Lone enters a new chapter of his musical journey in both signing to Greco-Roman and working with vocalist Morgane Diet. The album brings in a medley of various influences, citing everything from ambient house to drum & bass along with nods to ’90s trip hop and bleep from labels like Mo’ Wax and Warp.

While the album floats through the clouds with vaporous soundscapes and lyrical spells, the 10-track LP is simultaneously grounded by expertly crafted breaks, basslines, arpeggios, and more, making for an unfamiliar but triumphant combination of elements that will leave you breathless. Listen to the album below.

A varied selection of music informed the record, but the album’s two main influences were Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine, according to Lone. “I wanted to approach a range of different styles, but attack them from their angle in a way, so for example on ‘Inlove2’ I tried to imagine what a Balearic/acid house tune might sound like if it were produced by Kevin Shields,” comments Lone.

Lone also notes that while recording the album, he weaved the tracks alongside a loose narrative based on “birth, death, and our existence in-between,” making the thought-provoking collection of tracks broader in scope and even more celestial.

Lone’s new album Always Inside Your Head is out now via Greco-Roman.