Music at Home: Louisahhh

As the world continues living life in isolation, we’ll be visiting with artists from across the globe to find out what they’re listening to, and how they’re listening habits have changed under quarantine.

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Apr 6, 2020

First up, Parisian electro star Louisahhh, who’s kindly provided a picture of her dog RiotGrrrl, and a Netflix recommendation.

Check out Louisahhh’s full QUARANTINE MUSIC playlist, which can also be used as a LINK playlist, so you can DJ these tracks at home. And read more below.

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Why have you chosen these tracks?

I wanted to share tracks that were kind of emotional and desolate simultaneously, I was having big feelings when I was making the chart and I wanted it to mark a moment in time; bangers didn’t feel appropriate. These songs are more subtle and personal.

Have your listening habits changed in isolation?

I used to do all of my “club testing” promos and new music at the gym, usually lifting and doing high intensity interval training. I’ve had to move my workouts inside, which means switching up my routine a little, and I find I have less tolerance for music that I don’t really love; much less patience for mediocrity. At this point it’s all killer, no filler.

Is there music you have rediscovered recently?

I’ve been doing some live-streaming of DJ sets from my house and it feels joyful and healing, and it’s forced me to dig into music I’ve never played out before. I’m having a great time going through stuff I am less familiar with than my back pocket club classics. My present favorite rediscovery is TNGHT because the tracks are so fun and effective, and a sick Dance Mania compilation that’s mostly songs about butts.

Do you view music differently than you did before the pandemic?

I am really trying to keep day to day, so not really tripping on this as a moment in history, as I feel that kind of thinking takes a toll on my mental health. However, the last gig I had before quarantine started it was very clear that it was the final party before a big change, and that feeling of need for community and gratitude for being in the same room with people — strangers — who were there to heal and be present with each other, was so wildly joyful, so urgent. I hope to kind of crystallize that moving forward, whatever that looks like.

And lastly, what’s happening in the pictures you’ve provided for us?

My trashfox, RiotGrrrl, is having the best time of her entire life during social distancing as every waking second is spent with her. I guess I co-sign the fact that to spend copious amounts of time with a very joyful animal is pretty awesome, even if she hates techno and hides in the hallway outside my studio when I play.

If you need something to watch, Louisahhh recommends Giri/Haji on Netflix. “It’s fantastic,” she says.

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