Baltra Releases Brand New Mixtape “Where I End”

Baltra’s new mixtape “Where I End” has just been released via his own imprint 96 And Forever Records

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Baltra Beatport
Feb 3, 2023
Ralph Moore

The rumours are true! The acclaimed producer Baltra has just released a brand new mixtape via the label boss’ own imprint 96 And Forever. It’s a genre-spanning project that over seven tracks jumps from house to garage to breakbeat with equal glee and includes the much-supported single “Tell Me.” It also features more contemplative tracks for the quieter area of the club or indeed the home listening department and we are particularly partial to the garage vibes of “Brush Strokes.” So it’s no surprise to see Sarah Story and Pete Tong on board already.

Speaking on the way the project came together, the DJ and producer, born in Philly but based in NYC, had this to say: “The concept focuses on the personal freedom to close the door on one chapter in life and open the next, all while feeling in control. This record is about that spiritual journey of finding the strength from within.” The mixtape follows releases on labels like Shall Not Fade and Local Action, and you can check out the full release below.

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