Music at Home: Claptone

As the world continues living life in isolation, we’ll be visiting with artists from across the globe to find out what they’re listening to, and how they’re listening habits have changed under quarantine.

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Apr 27, 2020

This time, one of house music’s most popular and mysterious entities, Claptone, takes us into his vast den of records to shows us the sonic treasures that isolation has helped him rediscover.

Check out Claptone’s full Isolation playlist, which can also be used as a LINK playlist, so you can DJ these tracks at home. And read more below.

Check out Claptone’s set during Beatport’s ReConnect Livestream here.

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Why have you chosen these tracks?

Ever since I can remember, music has been my way of communicating with the world and my surroundings. Since I’m not able to connect with the people out there on the dance floor at the moment, I wanted to find a way to share the music that I’m listening to at home lately. Enjoy this handpicked selection, there’s something for every mood.

How have your listening habits changed in isolation?

I’m listening to more vinyl than ever. Maybe not the best answer to give to a streaming and download-oriented company, but hey, it’s the truth. Over the years, I’ve amassed a record collection totaling somewhere around thirteen to fourteen thousand records, all neatly organized in my studio. After my morning exercise routine, I head into my studio and dive into my collection. I’ve rediscovered so many old gems.

Is there music you have rediscovered recently?

This unexpected time off has me digging at a rapid pace. I recently rediscovered a truly breathtaking album, Massive Attack’s Protection — a must-listen for any music lover. Air’s excellent Moon Safari has played a central role on my home stereo during these times of self-isolation.

Do you view music differently than you did before the pandemic?

Music has always been the elixir of life for me. That has, and will, never change.

And lastly, what’s happening in the picture you’ve provided for us?

That’s me, digging through only a small part of my record collection!

Please share a film/TV show/book/recipe that has helped you stay sane under quarantine.

Bad Taste (1987, Peter Jackson)