Beatport and Algoriddim Present ‘djay Streaming Sessions’

Find out more about what Algoriddim djay has to offer with our djay x Beatport Streaming Sessions.

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Beatport and Algoriddim Present djay Streaming Sessions
Apr 10, 2023
Beatport Team

Beatport and Beatsource have teamed up with Algoriddim to bring you a new series of incredible DJ performances using their djay Pro software alongside the Beatport and Beatsource Streaming catalogues.

Each session showcases the advanced features and flexibility of djay Pro, including its AI-powered beat, vocal and instrument isolation tool, Neural Mix.

djay also gives its users the ability to choose from multiple content sources, meaning each DJ in the series has access to the full Beatport catalogue, open-format tracks from the Beatsource catalogue and their own locally stored content – all on desktop, tablet and, mobile devices and using DVS powered turntables.

Watch the video below to see how the first DJ in our series, DJ ANGELO, got the inspiration for his tracklist and how he prepared and practised his set on the go.

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Kicking off our first episode, we have DMC World Champion and Algoriddim’s own Head Of Brand, DJ ANGELO.

From humble beginnings on homemade turntables, to inspiring a generation of turntablists, Angelo continues to push the scope of what DJs are capable of. Celebrated for his technical prowess and creative live shows across the globe, Angelo is equally influential off stage as a Creative Consultant, Viral Content Producer, Best-selling DJ Tutor, and Product Developer for several brands in the music tech space.

Now watch the full set from Angelo, spanning multiple genres and tempos, using his mobile-app-powered DVS setup.

As a member of Berlin’s new generation of Hip-Hop DJs, Grzly Adams has built a big reputation with his extensive repertoire and skills. This has seen him share the bill with an ever-expanding list of some of the biggest acts in the world, such as Diplo, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier and Nicki Minaj.

Watch the full set from Grzly Adams below, utilizing djay Pro AI and his DVS set up.

Our next session comes from DJ Emii, the celebrated French DJ with a unique style and wide-reaching taste that ensures her sets are always of the highest quality.

The former Red Bull Thre3style winner delivers a stand-out set covering the Beatport and Beatsource Streaming catalogs and showcasing the advanced features of djay Pro AI. Watch the full set below:

JFB is arguably one of the most technically skilled DJs on the planet. A true DJs’ DJ who continues to push the art form forward, his sets take in a wealth of genres such as Jazz, Funk, Hiphop, Dubstep, Glitchop, Electro Swing, Ghetto Funk, Breakbeat, Drumstep and Drum & bass. His formidable battle prowess speaks for itself – 3x DMC World Champion & Red Bull 3style World Finalist.

Check out his full set below:

With a previous studio mix entitled ‘Genre is a Social Construct,’ it’s not surprising that VILIFY likes to take her listeners on unexpected journeys with her DJ sets.

Having toured much of the world whilst continuing to release a deep and ever-growing catalogue of productions VILIFY is a DJ we highly recommend checking out.

Listen to her full set below:

Bolivian born, Berlin based DJ Quien is known for blending the artistic with the technical, providing dance floors around the world with energetic sets covering Bass music and Open Format styles.

Aside from his DJ set and productions, Quien is a co-founder of label and collective Oi Mas Bass , whilst also acting as a driving force for the creation of the South American digital arts Festival “Kiebre.”

Listen to his full set below:

eveava’s sound demonstrates her adventurous spirit and diverse cultural influences from Medellín and Bogotá to Miami, New York and Berlin.

Unearthing songs from older eras and artfully blending them with more contemporary or futuristic sounds is a trademark of her style. The talented DJ and producer has earned performances alongside a diverse range of artists, including DJ Tennis, Perel, Axel Boman, Floating Points, Nicola Cruz, Djuma Soundsystem, and more.

Listen to her full set below:

An active club DJ for over 30 years, DJ TLM has toured the world showing off his wide array of skills and tricks/ The Amsterdam-born DJ / producer has been the tour DJ for platinum-selling Dutch rapper Brainpower for 25 years across 4000+ live shows.

Starting out as a Hip Hop DJ, TLM has developed into an all-round DJ taking in everything from Hip Hop, R&B and New Jack Swing, to Dancehall and UK Garage. Listen to his full set below as he goes back to his roots and delivers a top-notch Hip Hop set:

Venezuelan-born Naim Zarzour is a Miami & NYC-based DJ/producer of Middle Eastern descent that stands out for playing and producing a hugely eclectic blend of music. From deep electronic music to spiritual beats, Naim is building a solid reputation across North America, South America and Europe.

Check out his full set below:

Sets from Las Vegas based DJ and producer Eliza May are an explosive mix of Hip-Hop, EDM and Pop music with elements of turntablism and scratching. The talented artist has gained an international audience while playing shows across the world, as well releasing original tracks and remixes for artists like J-Kwon and Drake.

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About Algoriddim: Algoriddim are the makers of djay, a comprehensive DJ software for DJs of all levels and platforms – including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. djay offers seamless integration with the Beatport and Beatsource Streaming catalogues, as well as your locally stored music library, giving you instant access to millions of tracks and the ability to play them in the best way to suit your DJ workflow. Find out more about Algoriddim djay.

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