An Essential Guide to Toy Tonics Jams in 10 Tracks

Since we can’t party right now, the Toy Tonics residents recreate the vibe from their legendary Griessmuehle parties with 10 of their biggest dance floor weapons, encompassing rare disco edits, funky house, and more. Tuck in.

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May 6, 2020
Toy Tonics

Summer 2020 should have been a Toy Tonics summer. 15 TOY TONICS JAMS throughout Europe were planned, the big disco happenings that the Toy Tonics Krew started at Berlin’s Griessmuehle Club and now expanded all over Europe. The events were canceled, and as we will not dance in clubs the next months, here is a list with our 10 most essential tracks from the Toy Tonics Jams, selected by our residents Kapote, COEO, and Rhode & Brown for your home-dance.

Tracks that represent the special vibe that people who have ever been to a Toy Tonics Jam know. A positive, sometimes nasty, and euphoric mood that connects all the Toy Tonics releases, DJs, and parties. Check our Toy Tonics Instagram for some live footage. People go crazy for that eclectic mix of rare disco edits, new funky house, broken beats, reworks of Afro, Italian, German New Wave, Disco, and all kinds of unexpected music. Happy dance!

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Groove Armada – The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Version) [Chopshop]

This one was definitely our most played track in the last year and always made people go nuts at the Toy Tonics Jams. It already came out back in 2007 but aged like fine wine. We love remixes that are totally different to the original and Greg Wilson did a really good job on this one: The slow tempo combined with this funked up acid bassline and of course those catchy vocals makes people smile, sing along and ask for track ID.

Prince – Chelsea Rodgers [Legacy Recordings]

Another classic we started playing at all the jams. It’s from one of Prince’s more recent albums, also released in 2007 (seems to be a good year). It’s a super sexy funk tune as you would expect from Prince and the production is just on point! We use to tease people with a super long percussion track first and then slowly fade in the intro from this one step by step… the result after it drops: happy sweaty dancers every time!

Rhode & Brown – Sumthin [Toy Tonics]

A bit selfish, but hey! Usually we don’t play our own tracks that often, but with this one from our last Toy Tonics EP we just couldn’t resist. It’s a fun sample based disco-house tune with everything you need: Heavy 909 kick drum, bumpy bassline and a catchy vocal. We played this at Blitz Club in Munich at the Toy Tonics Jam with Moodymann and the whole club sang along the hook! Really nice memories… maybe we should play our own stuff more!


Jacques Bon – Fractals (Lauer Frankfurt Beat Mix) [Live At Robert Johnson]

At all there are not too many sets from us without music from Lauer. This remix of him for Jacques Bon, amongst others head of Smallville Records Paris, is an absolute dance floor sure shot.

Kapote – Delirio Italiano [Toy Tonics]

No Toy Tonics Jam without music from Toy Tonics. One of our favorites to play is Delirio Italiano from Kapote. This edit feels like a day at the Mediterranean coastline with everything what makes Italy so special. Good vibes!

Donalds House – Rainbow Gelato [Touch From A Distance]

To round off our sets we love to play tunes like Rainbow Gelato. The 7th release on Nick Höppner label Touch From A Distance is a perfect groover. Warm piano and sax elements underlined with a nice percussive drum set. Too good!


WhoMadeWho – Flat Beat [Gomma]

WhoMadeWho was one of the very first bands playing club music live, with a real drummer. Their first three albums have been released on Gomma records and were executively produced by Toy Tonics buddy Kapote Modica. Their older tracks sound very fresh again these days. Especially their cover version of Mr. Oizo’s “Flat Beat,” which fits perfectly into the new indie disco and edits… so fresh and people go mad.

Dan Shake – The Bee Won [Lumberjacks In Hell]

Dan Shake is a music man and we like music mans. He builds dancefloor killers out of rare samples and little bits and pieces that are never cheesy but super catchy. And as there are so many bad edits and cheap reworks of old tracks on the market, we really appreciate the ones who do it with more musicality and own touch. Dan is one of them.

Andromeda Orchestra Don’t Stop Ray Mang Special Extended Mix [Faze Action Records]

Of course it’s always better to make dance music with real musicians and that’s what our favorite disco man from UK is doing here. He took stems from one of the most interesting and talked about jazz bands from Berlin (that are playing their shows at Berghain, yes!) and did a disco jazz house thing out of it. We recommend to check out both: Ray and Andromeda!

Mangabey & Kosmo Kint – Get Lost [Toy Tonics]

New York soul singer Kosmo Kint is now working with several artists from Toy Tonics to create new forms of soul, R&B and vocal disco. First two songs came out already, made with our french talent Mangabey. Crazy dudes!

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