Peggy Gou Releases First Ever Single on XL Recordings

Peggy Gou makes a big Balearic return to the fray with new single ‘(It Goes Like) NANANA’, her first single in two years and her very first on XL Recordings.

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Jun 15, 2023
Ralph Moore

Destined to be one of her biggest songs and releases to date, “(It Goes Like) NANANA” is the name of Peggy Gou‘s first single is almost two years and it’s also her first-ever on XL Recordings. Previous singles from Peggy Gou have all hit big on Beatport and these include “Starry Night” and “I Go.”

The track was teased during her headline set at the recent closing of London’s iconic Printworks venue and Peggy’s fans have been on the hunt for the song ever since. With Peggy back in London on promo this week and the song now available on all channels including Beatport, if you’re a fan of the Euro and indeed their accompanying sunsets and sunrises, you won’t be disappointed. Listen below.

Peggy Gou’s new single “(It Goes Like) NANANA” is out now on XL Recordings. Buy it on Beatport.

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