Announcing The Beatport Group's New Purpose, Values and Operating Principles

Dear colleagues and members of our community:

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Mar 7, 2023
The Beatport Group

Dear colleagues and members of our community:

Over the past six months, The Beatport Group has been working with external DEI consultants and collaborating with internal working groups to develop our new company Purpose, Values and Operating Principles to address historical issues of inequity and guide the continued development of our organizational culture and community.

As our company and our industry evolves, The Beatport Group invites the global community of companies, leaders, and participants to engage in a constructive dialogue around other ways these statements can manifest into tangible progress that ultimately helps shape the future of our culture.

As we chart this new course forward, it’s critical that all the diverse people that make up our global community of DJs, producers, partners and fans know what Beatport is all about, why we are here doing our part, and how we will accomplish our goals.

The purpose, values and operating principles of The Beatport Group are:


The Beatport Group exists to serve the global DJ & music producer market and the companies who service them, with tools and digital commerce platforms that enable the production, promotion and monetization of their creativity.

Values: D.A.N.C.E

Demand Diversity

We reflect the communities we serve and aim for a balanced representation of genders, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds in our workforce, partnerships and community.

Accountable to our communities

We stand united with historically marginalized communities and remain accountable to supporting efforts to improve diversity, equality, inclusion and mental health.

Nurture our ecosystem

We hire and partner with those who share our passion for a collaborative process, providing a platform and voice for the creative community making and promoting dance music of all types.

Community first, always

Music is best consumed with others, so we’ll always emphasize acceptance of all musical experiences and respect the range of imagination, from creation to performance, while providing a safe environment for the community.

Evolution of our mission

The natural diversity of our community and infinite evolution of music is the heartbeat of our business. We promise to constantly evolve to serve the genres most demanded by DJs and provide samples and plugins to producers of all genres.

We realize that while statements can be powerful, they can be meaningless when they’re not backed up by actions which is why The Beatport Group has also created some operating principles that promise to help guide the teams across the company to make better decisions.

Operating Principles:

Setting Industry Standards

Our industry is capable of achieving ethnic/racial and gender parity by 2030 and we’ll do our part to reach the milestone while bringing our partners and friends along with us.

To achieve this, we utilize a diverse group of human curators to ensure that we fairly represent our dynamic communities at all times. This includes content suppliers, artists and label partners from every race, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic standing.

Celebrating Diversity

We operate a Diversity, Inclusion & Social Action (“DISA”) Committee that is composed of ten employees representing various constituencies at the company, the purpose of which is to assist the operating units in evaluating public statements, diversity and inclusion guidelines, and partnership opportunities.

DISA builds and renews partnerships with organizations that represent historically marginalized groups in the global DJ and producer communities.

Foster Curiosity, Creativity & Collaboration

Music is best when shared and the insatiable curiosity behind exploration is similarly more fun when done with your tribe.

At every step of our process, we identify partners who think like this to ensure diverse perspectives, constructive teamwork and an indefinite examination of our output to ensure optimal experiences for our communities.

Our next steps will be to incorporate the Values and Operating Principles into every aspect of The Beatport Group, so that everything we do is aligned to achieve our Purpose. We encourage open conversations at any time around this topic, including at the International Music Summit in Ibiza from April 26-29 where all of the company’s operating units and leadership will be in attendance. Furthermore, we will shortly be announcing our new Chief Community Officer to manage all community partnerships, DEI initiatives, and expansion into new communities and markets around the world.

We endeavor to constantly reflect and re-evaluate our Purpose, Values and Operating Principles as we continue to grow and serve the global DJ and producer markets. We thank all of our partners and customers for their patience while we implement these organizational changes and solutions. We look forward to a healthy and productive 2023.


Robb McDaniels

The Beatport Group

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