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With its robust and equally heartfelt output, Mark Reeve‘s techno label, SubVision, is a place where cutting edge music thrives. We spoke to the imprint’s founder to find out more about its sonic philosophy and current trajectory.

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May 18, 2020
Cameron Holbrook

Since the age of 12, Mark Reeves knew he wanted to be a DJ. Growing up around the southern coast of the UK, a move to Hamburg helped him foster a deep-seated love of club culture and electronic music. His big break came after being discovered by Sven Väth and landing on his legendary Cocoon imprint, leading him to further releases on imprints such as Drumcode, Soma, Second State, Bedrock, ELEVATE, Intec, Bek Audio and many more.

Fully distinguished in the scene and revered for his sharp techno productions, Mark established SubVision — an exemplary outlet for his moving melodies and stout basslines. With its sleek aesthetic and growing reputation, the imprint has released peak-time slammers from promising newcomers and established artists alike, including Egbert, Kevin De Vries, Luca Gaeta, Luigi Madonna, VONDA7, and more.

Here, Mark Reeves shows us the gripping power of SubVision’s distinguished sound with a 1-hour mix and gives us further details about his label’s history, philosophy, and strategy.

Check out Mark Reeve’s SubVision Chart for Beatport here.
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Growing up in Poole, what were some of your earliest dancefloor experiences? How and when did you decide to pursue a career as a DJ and producer?

Growing up in Poole was lovely. I actually spent most of my time in Bournemouth. I can remember Matchams Market where Carl Cox used to play or The Old Firestation. Those parties were the biggest in Bournemouth, and I was pretty much into happy hardcore and drum & bass. I always wanted to be a DJ, and at the age of 11-12, I started thinking about it. At the age of 14-15, I was already playing tunes at my youth club and getting others involved.

What prompted you to move from the UK to Frankfurt? How did Sven Vath discover you?

The move to Germany was then made in 96/97 because my parents got divorced and I left the UK with my mother and sister. My mother is German and it made sense at the time. I was always going to the Omen at the early age of 18 and then to U60311, mainly to Cocoon parties. Finally, in 2011 one of my demos was heard and then played at Cocoon Club by Sven and he wanted me to join the label.

How has releasing on and working with labels such as Cocoon, Defected, Second State, Bedrock, and Drumcode helped shape the vision that you have for your SubVision imprint?

Well, I finally got my sound sorted and the direction I wanted after years of releasing on other labels. I then knew what I wanted for SubVision, and as the name says a lot: “Sub” bass and a “Vision“ to make it.

What was the inspiration behind SubVision?

I wanted to express the passion I have not only from myself but also giving others a chance with me. I wanted my own platform for others also to jump onto and share music. I could not think of a nicer thing to do than to work with others and learn as I go. I still am learning in some ways, always bumping into new things and trying out new targets to conquer.

Finally, what are your plans for the future of the imprint?

I am going to continue releasing music. First off, myself, and then again others that I think are suitable from their profile and sound. As I said before, we are growing and listening to demos every day. Keep that music coming, party people!

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