The Skyward Sounds of Satori

Following his Sounds of the City livestream with Visit Dubai, the globe-trotting DJ and live artist Satori talks about his new special concept show, his travel routine, his latest tracks, and more.

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Satori Dubai
Jul 3, 2023
Ralph Moore

It’s been a busy summer so far for Satori (real name Djordje Petrovic). He’s continued to tour clubs and festivals globally of course but also managed to find time in his schedule to stop off in Dubai, a place he describes as “the melting pot of the world” and a stop-off he’s been making for the past eight years. He’s found his home in Dubai at Soho Garden, a place he’s been building a special concept together with the venue: you can read more on that in our exclusive interview below.

Beyond Soho Garden, he has a bunch of new releases in the pipeline, and he’s working on a couple of very special collaborations, which will be coming to fruition very soon. As for the shows: this summer sees Satori play in venues as across the board as Chinois in Ibiza and Scorpios in Mykonos, right across to clubs in Copenhagen, Venice, and New York, where he will perform live on September 10th. He’s also just played with OG hero Lee Burridge in Marrakesh. What’s next for the Dutch DJ, we wonder? We spoke with him to find out.

Check out Satori’s enchanting livestream performance with Visit Dubai below.

How was your recent trip to Dubai?

It was really nice, as always, I love the mixture of cultures, and it really feels like the melting pot of the world.

Did it live up to its reputation and/or did anything surprise you about the visit there?

It does! It’s such a futuristic city in the middle of the desert, and I thought I’d seen it all, but the top of the Nakheel tower was something else.

How many times have you performed there? Do you have a favourite venue?

I’ve been lucky enough to be performing here already for eight years, so I’ve played a lot of different venues. However, recently I started a special concept together with Soho Garden called Al Kimya, which I’m really excited about!

We heard some great unreleased music during the performance. Can we expect these as releases from you later in the year?

That’s right, I love to play music that is still unreleased, as I always test it on the road and then tweak it after. One of the tracks that’s unreleased at the moment is the new remix I did for NTO, this will come out on July 8th.

Are you remixing any artists you can tell us about?

Besides the recent NTO remix, I’m not really remixing at the moment, even though I love doing it! I am working on a couple of very special collaborations that will come out over the coming months.

Satori Livestream

What are the five most important things you always pack for an overseas tour?

To be fair, I always forget half of what I should bring, but essentials for me are things like: my live set and all the equipment for that, power banks, good headphones, my vitamins, and my eye mask.

Have you ever forgotten something once, regretted leaving it, and never left home without it again (EG, a pillow, a pair of special trainers, etc)

Not really. These past 18 months, I have been living out of my suitcase in a way, so I have become super focused on not losing anything!

Can you tell us about your first-ever live performance?

This was about 12 years ago for a Dutch festival called Next Monday’s Hangover, they still organize amazing events! So they invited me to perform my first live set based on my album at the time. I was so limited in my setup at the time as I didn’t know much about performing live, but I still enjoyed it. And my hunger for getting better and better really started there.

And in terms of you as an artist: how would you describe your sound and your space in electronic music?

This is always a tricky one because I feel I move in different circles, I can do concerts with my live band project and be finished at midnight, but I also love to play raves and big stages. Musically it is the same thing I play from really deep and slow to peak time and everything in between.

Finally, what else can we expect from you beyond 2023? An album in 2024, perhaps?

I’m not sure if I believe in an album anymore, as nobody really has the patience for it. But there will be a lot of music coming in the second half of 2023, and also my first official release with the Band from Space.

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