Plugged In: Hannes Bieger

Welcome to Plugged In, a Beatport original series that strives to demystify the signature production techniques of your favorite producers — filmed at and in partnership with Riverside Studios Berlin.

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Hannes Bieger plugged in 1536x715
May 27, 2020
Beatport staff

For our fourth episode, we link up with mixing engineer, music producer, electronic music live act, Hannes Bieger. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Bieger has fixed his reputation as one of Europe’s most in-demand mixing engineers. With numerous releases on Poker Flat Recordings, Bedrock Records, and Flying Circus Recordings, he’s wowed audiences with live demonstrations of his modular wizardry and invigorating synthesizer skills, crafting exceptional dancefloor material on the fly. Here, Hannes Bieger takes us through his studio with an enlightening discussion about his harmonic outlook, expert programming, creating a personal dialogue with your synthesizers, and more with in-person demonstrations of his latest album on Awesome Soundwave, Pele.

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