The Best Techno On Beatport You Might Have Missed

Our expert curation team digs beyond the top 10 to bring you some of the best tracks you may have missed. This time featuring techno from Donato Dozzy, Zenker Brothers, STL, and Skudge.

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May 29, 2020
Ross Jackson

Donato Dozzy – Aquatica [Palinoia]

Dozzy returns in fine form on his latest effort for Eric Cloutier’s Palinoia LDT series. As you’d expect it’s a tunneling, heads-down affair with sounds bubbling up from the deepest depths of the ocean. It shares a sound pallet almost exactly the same as his Voices From The Lake work, but as the label name suggests, he’s not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just refine it.

Aleksi Perala – NL-L56-19-08694 [Clone Basement Series]

The Colundi channeling maverick is back, adding to his extensive catalogue of rhythmic delights. On this particular cut, he lays down a solid four to the floor kick and then sprinkles squelching licks of synth on top. It’s more straightforward than his usual work but it will work wonders on the dancefloor (or stream).

Skudge – Anyon [Sungate]

The Swedish lads go for the dubby vibe once again on their latest, “Anyon”. Having made a name for themselves over a decade ago with the stellar “Convolution”, they’ve honed and refined their sound to what we hear to today. Classic TR drums, clever programming, and atmospheres that surround you, it’s great stuff.

STL – Fluxxy [Echocord]

A firm favourite in the Beatport Techno camp, STL lowers the tempo and goes full dub on this one. Known for using similar sounds on every release, STL shows us what can be done with the bare minimum of elements while still making a track that touches you. “Fluxxy” is no different and between the field recordings, miles deep dub chords, and crisp percussion, there’s a lot of emotion too.

Peter Van Hoesen – Chapter for the Agnostic [Center 91]

Peter’s Centre 91 label is built specifically for club bangers and this release is certainly that. Our pick is the title track, “Chapter for the Agnostic”. An absolute stormer of a track, Peter uses out of this world synth sounds layered on top of a bed of a pulsing kick and bass. There’s no doubt that this would make even the most discerning of crowds go wild.

Zenker Brothers – Bengel Mode [Ilian Tape]

The always fantastic Zenker Brothers drop another percussive bomb in the form of “Bengel Mode”. Rolling, tumbling drums, guttural shouts, and loopy synths all tie together to make a mid-set roller with teeth. If you’re not familiar with their label Ilian Tape, we highly suggest you check it out as it’s packed full of amazing tracks like these.

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