Leo Pol Drops his Debut Album, 'Be Mine'

The French electronic music maestro drops his highly anticipated LP via his IILE imprint.

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Leo pol
Dec 17, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Since first releasing his anonymous single “You Got The Funk” in 2015, Parisian producer and hardware expert Leo Pol has steadily gained a reputation as one of Europe’s most outstanding house music talents.

The 29-year-old has worked his way through the continent, performing live club sets and inspiring crowds at venues like Panorama Bar in Berlin, Printworks in London, DC-10 in Ibiza, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, and Shelter in Amsterdam. He also has a new curated event series coming to Rex Club in the French capital in 2022.

After serving up three rousing remixes this year of DJOKO’s “Morning Wonders,” Baccus’s “Feeling Lonely,” and Okain’s “Voyager 1,” Leo Pol rounds off 2021 with his highly-anticipated debut album, Be Mineout now via the artist’s IILE imprint.

The cohesive nine-track LP is not specifically club-oriented but comes heavily influenced by genres like garage, jungle, and Detroit electro. Pensive and deeply personal, all the tracks found on the album have been “collected and digested over the course of years” before coming together to create the impressive and diverse narrative of an artist in his prime. The album features collaborations with fellow Frenchman Bambounou and Helsinki’s Pekko, while the closing track, “Drake,” is recorded under Leo Pol’s “new wave” moniker, 14 Fevrier. Check out the album below.

Leo Pol’s debut album Be Mine is out now via IILE.

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