Lenske Records Readies Huge New EP by Belgian Producer Ahl Iver

Iver’s “Down The Void” EP drops February 26th on Lenske.

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Untitled 3
Feb 22, 2021
Chandler Shortlidge

Belgian newcomer Ahl Iver returns to Amelie Lens’ Lenske imprint for his second EP on the label with Down The Void.

The four-tracker follows his 2019 Lenske debut, Haunted Patterns, which featured peak-hour weapons like “Rave Simulator” and “7AM,” a take-no-prisoners growler with an excellent remix from Milo Spykers. Spykers dropped his own Accelerator EP on Lenskein July of last year.

Each track on Down The Void feels custom made for big, high energy raves — the type of parties we’re all desperate to get back to as soon as possible. Pre-order now, or listen to snippets below.

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