The Best Tech House On Beatport You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you some of the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring James Burton, East End Dubs, De La Swing, and more.

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Jun 5, 2020
Raphael Pujol

Harry Romero – Phones Down (Extended Mix) [Subliminal]

Harry Romero delivers raw energy on legendary imprint Subliminal Records with a pure, jacking tune that employs various garage influences to pilot its drive and groove. A wobbling bassline, distorted percussion, and heavily processed vocals fill up the rest of the track. To top it off, the little saxophone lick appears throughout the production making this one an absolute win.

Paul Cart, Dantiez – Get Down [Lost Records]

A beautiful and hypnotic vibe runs through this new Dantiez and Paul Cart track from start to finish. It has all the elements of a club hit with a soulful vocal chop (sampled from Grand Puba’s hip-hop classic “I Like It”), beautiful chords, and pads complemented by a groovy bassline. Big!

James Burton – Keys, Notes & Scales [Of Unsound Mind]

This track really hits home with the use of the classic diva house vocals. James Burton does a fantastic job of letting the vocal breathe by looping it and using it as a stab. The full-bodied arrangement is entirely on point. Combined with that groovy bassline, it brings out a real rawness and drive.

Sergio Sergi – Federica (De La Swing Be Live Mix) [Rawthentic]

This is a track that defines the “less is more” approach to music production. Guaranteed do the business on the dancefloor, it’s efficient, groovy, and has the energy to get people going. The arrangement often feels like a conversation between lovers, with the vocals and the track’s swooning trumpet sharing intimate secrets on the dancefloor.

East End Dubs – Dis [Hot Creations]

This track by UK tech house linchpin East End Dubs has a profound aura that maintains a drive and energy with a signature kick/bass combo that sits at the very front of the mix. As an artist, he’s always using his ability to work with fewer elements while maintaining a groove and power that fills the whole spectrum of the track. It’s no surprise he returns to Hot Creations with this blistering EP! Check out the other tracks on there too!

Eydrian – White Rabit (Javi Bosch Remix)

My favorite Hype pick is this killer remix from Javi Bosch, who makes good use of the rolling syncopated bassline that’s been quite trendy in certain tech house circles. The excellent application of its vocal element — used as a twisted instrument of its own — truly bolsters the overall vibe of the track. This slammer is bound to be an instant hit on the dancefloor. Minimalistic in its approach, it’s one of those tunes that brings that unseen and unspoken magic to any party.

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